ETABS Training in Erode


Introduction ETABS is a sophisticated, yet easy to use, special purpose analysis and design program developed specifically for building systems. ETABS 2016 features an intuitive and powerful graphical interface coupled with unmatched modeling, analytical, design, and detailing procedures, all integrated using a common database. Although quick and easy for simple structures, ETABS can also handle the largest and most complex building models, including a wide range of nonlinear behaviors necessary for performance based design, making it the tool of choice for structural engineers in the building industry.

    ETABS Syllabus

    E TABS

    Getting started

  • Introduction to ETABS software,
  • GUI explanation,
  • toolbar setting
  • Object Property & Layer Management

  • General studies about structures
  • Creating basic grid system & Structural model
  • Add point, line, area objects and selection option
  • Drawing Geometry

  • Assigning load case for the structure
  • Assigning properties for beam, column and slab
  • DAY 4: Tools for Creating Key Geometry

  • Analyzing the model with various combination
  • Graphical output of the results
  • Tools for Manipulating Geometry

  • Editing ( cut, copy, replicate, Point and line extrusion
  • .Graphical output of the results
  • Analyzing

  • Design of the structure
  • Concrete and Steel
  • Design

  • Design report for the structure(footing, column & beam)
  • Analyzing report

  • Analyzing the model with various combination
  • Preparing a Brief Report

  • Import & Export
  • Project Documentation
  • exporting report

  • Detail result summary (column, beam, slab)